Pinewood Men

Are you doing a good job of unplugging from the daily grind and taking care of your physical & mental health? At this special Pinewood Men event, we’ll fellowship over breakfast and learn about the importance of unplugging from our daily stresses and spending time on our health, unplugging from social media and distractions, and spending time with God, from our Guest Speaker, Ren Zepp. After breakfast and our teaching session, we’ll take a walk through the beautiful trails of Fleming Island, spending some time in prayer and discussion of what was learned. Questions? Contact Geren Baird at 904-624-8948.

Upcoming Events

Please stay tuned for more information regarding upcoming Pinewood Men's Ministry events happening at Pinewood Church. If you have any questions, or are interested in getting involved with the Pinewood Men's Ministry, please contact Jason Henning, Director of Community and Discipleship.