SafeCARE Certification Process

It is the goal of Pinewood to create a safe and secure environment for all children, students and volunteers who are involved in church activities. Pinewood maintains a child protection policy known as SafeCARE (Children and Adults in a Responsible Environment). To serve in Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, and at Pinewood Christian Academy, all staff and volunteers are required to be background checked, SafeCARE certified and wear specific SafeCARE nametags for easy identification.
SafeCARE is for volunteers 18 and over only. Volunteers under 18, please see
Deanna Myers, Director of His City Kids Ministry, or Kristeel Barbuto at Pinewood Christian Academy.

SafeCARE Steps

Step 1: All volunteers and staff must complete the SafeCARE Application. The information collected in this secure form will be used for the sole purpose of helping the church provide a safe and secure environment for both children and workers.
Step 2:  To be SafeCARE certified, all applicants must watch a series of training videos and complete a form; turned into the respective ministry department. The videos are produced by SafeChurch, a subsidiary of Pinewood's insurance provider, GuideOne. Once you click the link scroll down the right hand side of the page to Videos/Webinars.  Select the video “ACT To Keep Children’s Ministry Safe." Print and sign the certification form linked below, and bring it into the respective ministry department.
Step 3: The final step is training. All SafeCARE-certified volunteers participate in a training session provided by their ministry department, explaning how to best care for the children, youth, and students of Pinewood Christian Academy. It complements and reinforces our policies and procedures in this area.
Step 4: After you finish, you can either email your SafeCARE training form AND application to Pinewood Church,  or print them out and bring them in person to Deanna Myers for the Church, or Kristeel Barbuto for Pinewood Christian Academy. 
For more information on SafeCARE, contact the ministry department leader.
Deanna Myers, Director of His City Kids Ministry
Kristeel Barbuto, School Office Manager