Safecare training

SafeCARE Training

To be SafeCARE certified, all applicants must watch a training video and successfully complete a quiz. The video is produced by SafeChurch, a subsidiary of Pinewood's insurance provider, GuideOne. This training video is a professional explanation of how to best care for the children and youth of our church, as well as to protect both the volunteer and Pinewood. It complements and reinforces our policies and procedures in this area.  

Click this SafeChurch link and follow the instructions below.
  • Select "Not a member yet" below the login.
  • Select "Join using access key" and enter e85ebgak.
  • Enter appropriate data as you would on any new membership site.
  • After login:
    • Select "Training" tab from the Menu bar located at the top of the screen.
    • Once screen has loaded, click the "ACT to Keep Children's Ministry Safe" tab in the middle of your screen under the "Children & Youth Safety" header.
  • Watch the 20 minute video, read the four-page PDF outline and take the test. Then print out the Certificate of Completion and return with your application and references to ministry leader. The site administrator can see who has watched the video and taken the test as well as their score.

SafeCARE review will begin after the completed application is received, the training and test have been successfully completed.

If you have any questions, please contact your ministry director.