Crates for Ukraine

Pinewood Church is partnering with Mission to the World (MTW) and their Crates for Ukraine project. Crates for Ukraine's mission is " to provide personal and humanitarian aid from the hands of churches in the U.S. to the hands of churches and displaced communities in Ukraine." Over the course of the next month, we will be raising funds and gathering and purchasing supplies to fill six crates, which will travel by courier to Poland near the end of August.
Crates for Ukraine is an official MTW/PCA Crisis Response Initiative. Mission to the World has put together an incredible website with extensive details about the Crates for Ukraine project. If you are interested in learning more about MTW's efforts and the project in detail,  click the link to visit their website, or watch the video. However, please be sure to reference the details and instructions below on Pinewood's involvement in the project and how you can help contribute.

How Can I Help?

This project is a large undertaking for a small amount of time, and we need you! Please see below about how you can help! 


Giving directly to the "Ukraine Supplies" fund is the easiest way to help make this project a success. In addition to purchasing supplies, funds will be used for travel expenses for our courier. Click the Give button below to be redirected to our Giving page. Use the fund "Ukraine Supplies".


The next section, "Crate Information," provides links to the lists of items needed for 3 specific types of crates. If you would like to purchase items yourself to donate, please consult the lists below of specific needs. The instructions are very specific, please be sure to follow them. See below for instructions for drop off at Pinewood Church.


Pray for this project and for Pinewood to be able to curate supplies to fill 6 crates. Pray for our couriers who will transport the crates to Poland. And above all, pray for the people of Ukraine, and that our small contribution can make significant impact in the Ukrainian church and community.


We know that the crisis in Ukraine has left many people wondering how they can help. Crates for Ukraine will directly assist the people of Ukraine through the work of MTW. Share our efforts with your friends and family looking for a way to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. We are grateful for any and all donations!
We have set a deadline for our collection to end on Monday, August 15th to give us enough time to purchase supplies and pack our crates. Our couriers will leave for Poland with the crates the week of August 22nd. 

Crate Information

There are 3 specific types of crates, detailed below, that are needed in Ukraine right now. Pinewood has set a goal of packing:
Basic Wound Care Crate*
*This is the MOST NEEDED crate in Ukraine at the moment; the supplies are highly necessary, but costly.
2 Basic Care Crates
3 Basic Meds Crates

Important Notes:

- Please DO NOT deviate from the items on the lists provided by MTW. 
- The lists below provide links to purchase items, some are VERY specific. If you plan to purchase directly, please be sure to follow all instructions on the list.
- The crates (foot lockers) for our project have already been purchased.

Basic Care Crate

Basic Meds Crate

Wound Care Crate

Basic Care crates include items for personal care and basic needs such as toothbrushes, body wipes, socks, batteries, and water filtration devices.
Basic Meds crates include supplies for basic medical care such as pain reliever, multivitamins, bandaids and bandages, cough syrup,  and sterile syringes.
Wound Care crates are vital, and include critical care items such as latex gloves, medical tape, Trauma First Aid kits, trauma shears, and medical tape.
Important Note: If you plan to purchase items on your own for donation, please have them shipped to your home and either drop off in the designated drop off locations during worship services on Sunday morning, or schedule a drop off at the Church Office by contacting Amanda Chesney at [email protected]
We thank you for your participation in and prayer for this project. If you have any questions about how to give or get involved, please contact Amanda Chesney, Pinewood Church Project Coordinator, at [email protected]